The Manipulator’s Strategy (How The Game Works)

Here, I’ll outline as clearly as I can the strategy used by manipulative, narcissist personalities and Devouring Mothers. It’s how they achieve and maintain power and control over others. There are, as you might guess, two participants in the game: A Manipulator (a narcissist Devouring Mother), and their Target (you and I). Imagine these like… Continue Reading The Manipulator’s Strategy (How The Game Works)

Introduction (Start Here)

A good place to start is with the name of this website, Devouring Mother. Mythology, psychology, and psychoanalysis recognize a dark side of the Mother figure, known as the Devouring Mother archetype. The motif of the Devouring Mother is played out over and over throughout history, art, literature, and drama because it is a component… Continue Reading Introduction (Start Here)